Round or flat

Today's flat wires for e-mobility

For years, enamelled round winding wires were virtually the top of the line. Fast automatic winding machines, low-cost wires, 50 international standards that cover just about everything you need. Flat wires, sometimes also called profile wires, were rather reserved for niches, e.g. wind power generators or - with aluminium as conductor - for use in transformer construction.

The advantages of flat wires
Flat wires have been receiving the boost for some years now by electro-mobility, especially in traction drives. The advantages are obvious: On the one hand on the product side - due to higher packing densities ("fill factor"), more powerful motor variants can be realized, i.e. with less installation space and/or weight. On the other hand, the manufacturers are hoping for process-related advantages in terms of throughput rates and reliable processing and assembly.
The design decision is up to the developer and often depends on the concrete objectives. SHWire help their customers not only to recognize the technical differences between both types of wires but also to compare them with commercial factors. We will soon present the Winding Wire Matrix which will further systematize this decision-making process.

Not all “flat wires“ are the same - a large variety
As a matter of course, not all “flat wires“ are the same. The basic requirements are listed in corresponding IEC standards, namely the 60317 and 60851 series. Since we are one of the convenors of the international standards committee, we are very familiar with the world of standards. We also know where the internationally achieved and documented compromise is not sufficient and have created a stricter SHWire company standard. Each customer thus receives wire of better quality than the standard according to which the order is placed. But that's not all: In many current applications, special requirements must be met. Increased thermal or mechanical resistances, better control and mastery of the insulating properties or particularly uniform and thicker insulating layers, to name but a few examples. Whether you need hairpins or want to manufacture spiral windings, SHWire knows the specific requirements and provides specific solutions with the usual process safety of series products. Our real-time production monitoring and control system with 100% traceability ensures the highest quality level in the industry.

Our experts will help to find the proper product for your application
Our technical department, application and process engineers and product/process developers are available to provide you with advice and support. In our extensive state-of-the-art laboratory, we are happy to analyze wires, other electrical insulation components or entire systems for you, e.g. with regard to chemical details. We will deal with your topics and requirements immediately and intensively despite the corona distance, and we will ensure direct technical exchange!