Work and life in Lügde

SHWire is located in a small town called Lügde in the middle of East Westphalia. The town is famous for its traditional fire wheel course at Easter. On this occasion not only people from the surrounding areas but also many tourists come to the city.

With its historic buildings and extensive natural surroundings, it not only offers a very special ambience. In addition to numerous shopping opportunities, the family-friendly city provides affordable living space and good educational offerings as well as many leisure activities.

East Westphalia Region Lippe – strong economic positioning

The region East Westphalian region Lippe is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and has 2 million inhabitants. Numerous sights and three nature parks make it very attractive for tourism. Its industry makes the region’s economy very strong. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, food industry, IT industry, automation technology and furniture industry play a particularly important role. In view of the good traffic situation, many logistics companies and forwarding agents have settled in the Bielefeld/Herford area. With approx. 140,000 companies, one million employees and a gross domestic product of more than 60 billion euros per year, this area is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany. The special feature of the regional economy is a broad sector mix with a focus on the manufacturing industry and numerous world market leaders. Medium-sized companies such as SynFlex and SHWire characterize the region.

A region with history

In East Westphalia Lippe you move on historically significant ground. Discoveries from the Stone and Bronze Ages, among others, point to traces of settlement already in pre-Roman times.

There are also many sights with historical backgrounds. One of the most famous landmarks is the Hermann monument in Detmold. Since 1875 it is a symbol for the battle in the Teutoburger forest in the year 9 AD.

If you want to see how the Lippe region has changed over the last 500 years, visit the open-air museum Detmold. The museum shows 500 years of Westphalian everyday culture and is one of the most important folklore museums in Europe.

The Externsteine, a striking sandstone rock formation, is also an outstanding natural landmark in Germany that is protected as a natural and cultural monument.