Metal trade

Fluctuating demand quantities, volatile stock market prices and the need for a reliable basis for calculation are realities that are difficult to reconcile in dealing with metals.

With our metal trading we want to offer you as a customer and partner of the SynFlex Group more security, both commercially and organisationally. We therefore offer you the following services for copper and aluminium:


Hedging of your metal requirements

Hedging in metal trading

Price fluctuations and uncertain raw material requirements make raw material management difficult and confront you with challenges time and again?
We are happy to support you!

Copper is an exchange-traded commodity and is subject to constant price fluctuations. This volatility frequently entails price risks. We offer you customized solutions to limit or even eliminate these risks. Copper forward contracts with fixed or flexible call-offs or copper fixed price contracts allow you to plan your copper purchases. With us you get access to the real-time prices of the London Metal Exchange (LME). We offer you fast and uncomplicated processing - directly and without detours!

Current market information

Regular copper market analyses

The most valuable commodity I know of is information” – Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

What factors influence the LME copper price? What is the current supply and demand situation on the raw material market? Do current events and price developments signal future developments? You can find answers to these questions and much more in our current market analyses.

Physical supply of copper and aluminium

Your metal in the right place at the right time

Copper cathodes in the right place at the right time? No problem!

Whether long-term hedging or covering your short-term requirements - we offer you individual options to manage your copper requirements according to your very personal ideas. Fixed copper price contracts offer you flexibility and security. But the classic settlement via a copper account is also possible.

Do you have copper requirements outside the SynFlex Group?
With the SynFlex copper trade and its large network to almost every enamelled copper wire supplier in Europe, copper supplies outside the SynFlex organization are also possible.

We support you - goal-oriented and reliable!



Copper and aluminium scrap

Would you like to sell copper scrap? We will be happy to submit an offer to you!

Copper scrap or remainders of stock are a good many times unavoidable. Both are also valuable and often underestimated commodities. Because copper scrap is subject to the same price fluctuations as virgin materials, the time at which the copper scrap is sold plays a very decisive role, in addition to the purity of the material (e.g. millberry, enamelled wire scrap, refined material, etc.). Would you like to know more about our conditions and about the possibility of reworking scrap into new metal? Contact us!


SynServ Metal Trading

Our experts

SynFlex metal trading is part of the SynFlex Group's wide range of services. Benefit from the expert knowledge of our copper traders. Get first-hand market information and analyses.

Copper hedging, cathode supply and scrap management - We will be happy to advise you!


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