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The World of Magnet Wires

Tradition and change are hallmarks of the company SHWire, Schwering & Hasse Elektrodraht GmbH. Founded in 1858 as a cigar manufacturer, the company took up parallel production of enameled copper wire at the end of the Second World War. For the 5th generation owner-managed family enterprise, change means letting go of traditional business segments such as the manufacturing of tobacco goods, when there are no more opportunities. Through the parallel buildup of two lines of business, however, the company was able to successfully shape this transformation process.

For this reason, manufacturing continues to be done exclusively at the production plant in Lügde, which has been repeatedly fortified throughout the years through acquisitions and integration of competitors, along with investments in the tens of millions. This also involves the topic of digitalization, which is being promoted in alignment with the reference structure of “Industry 4.0”.

The highlights

  • over 50,000 tons of production capacity
  • 50,000,000 produced kilometers per year
  • largest and most modern single location in Europe
  • 100% data traceability
  • centralized production, monitoring and control system
  • patented SH quality monitoring far above the industry standard
  • comprehensive laboratory and development capacities
  • partner in the top cluster Industry 4.0
Corona Information, 25.05.2020

Dear Business Partners,

For several months now, the Corona pandemic has determined our actions - both privately and professionally. In the last few days, however, there have been increasing signs that the peak of the crisis seems to be over, at least from an epidemiological point of view. This is by far the most important news!

The medium to long-term effects on the real and financial economy will continue to occupy the entire world for a long time to come. Almost all countries worldwide are affected. We are facing a supply and demand shock. The Corona crisis has thus exposed known but often disregarded weaknesses in business activities. Open economies feel the vulnerability of globalized procurement and supply chains to a particular degree. Hence, "business as usual" should no longer exist!

SHWire has been working on product and process innovations for years. More than ever before, we are focusing on the topics of resource efficiency, sustainability and process safety. Even in extreme times like these, smooth supply security must be ensured. On these grounds the motto is: think globally - act locally!

SHWire offers you products, solutions and services as a concept for the sustainable security of your supply chains. Talk to us so that together we can develop new business models for a safer future.

Your SHWire Team