Highest process stability in winding wire production

Every centimeter of wire must be produced in an as uniform manner as possible, and that applies for more than 150,000 km every day! That equals exactly 15 billion centimeters. Meeting this requirement is only possible if it is manageable to test important wire properties without gaps and to keep all essential process and machine parameters permanently within closely tolerated values. SHWire implements the above optimally with its comprehensive, state-of-the-art machinery in combination with a fully integrated production monitoring and control system à la Industry 4.0. For our manufacturing, process and product specialists, every value is visible on every machine.

Non-compliance with specified limits results in an automatic reel-related blocking, ensuring to the highest degree that such affected reels are not delivered to customers. And all this with 100% traceability for trillions of centimeters of wire from Lügde every year.