The winding wire producer's masterpiece

SHWire has provided you, our customers, not only with qualitatively outstanding standard products but also with innovative special products. In some cases we develop wires with special properties especially for you. With the help of the SHWire Winding Wire Matrix and methodical support, we find the best technical and commercial solution for you.

Within the Winding Wire Matrix, the "High Performance Wires" have been an absolute hit in recent times. These wires can best meet the special requirements of automotive applications, especially traction motors. We are pleased that numerous European OEMs and TIER1/2s are already convinced of the advantages, the performance and the cost/benefit ratio of this High Performance Wires so that we have been selected as series supplier, in some cases even as the sole supplier.

This is a special mark of confidence in our proven competence and outstanding process capability and a gratifying recognition to the hard-working colleagues in the group-wide Technology Center, in our development and quality departments and laboratories, to the production specialists as well as to our account managers who are happy to advise you on site and who even sometimes lend a hand.

The current masterpiece of SHWire is a cost-efficiently enamelled flat wire, produced according to proven, process-safe methods, with cross-sectional dimensions between 3 and 12 mm² and coat thicknesses exceeding 150 µm! Plus excellent edge coverage even along small corner radii! Additionally there are - if necessary – possible combinations, for example the variant “High Performance Adhesion+“. Our modular principle within the Winding Wire Matrix makes it easy to make the best choice.