Winding wire SHTherm® 210 TE

  • Enamelled round copper wire, thermoresistant, spike resistant
  • Insulated with THEIC mod. polyesterimide plus polyamide-imide overcoat
  • Class 200

SHTherm® 210 TE is a highly thermoresistant enamelled copper wire of heat performance class N with a wide range of excellent quality features. As it is a dual-coat wire its insulation film consists of 2 different coatings on top of one another. These ensure: a very good permanent thermal and overload resistance, excellent resistance to chemical attacks e.g. by alkalines, washing and cleaning agents, impregnating varnishes and resins, sealing compounds, thinners, solvents and refrigerants as well as their vapours, an excellent mechanical abrasion resistance and a very low coefficient of friction of the wire surface. This range of excellent features makes SHTherm® 210 TE an all-round wire meeting the requirements of all applications requiring above average resistance to chemical, thermal, mechanical and electrical loads which occur during processing or during operating conditions. High coating resistance to abrasion and a low coefficient of friction result in less stress and damage to the wire and maintain a higher and more constant dielectric insulating resistance of the insulation film. The consistent further developments carried out by our R&D team allow this excellent “all-round” wire to be optimised to take into account specific customer requirements (e.g. improved adhesion after ageing, workability, electrical characteristics). The varnish system is designed to be resistant to partial discharge.

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E-Mobility, electric motors


IEC / DIN EN 60317-13
NEMA MW 35-C / 73-C

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Grade 1: on request
Grade 2: on request

Technical data

Typical properties of enamelled round copper wire 0.500 mm, with insulation film grade 1

Property Unit of measure Sollwert
Außendurchmesser mit Lack mm min. 0.524 - max. 0.544
Dehnbarkeit und Haftung (Lackfilm rissfrei nach dem Wickeln) mandrel diamter 0.500 mm
Schabekraft N ≥ 3.950
Schabekraft N ≥ 3.950
Dehnbarkeit und Haftung (Lackfilm rissfrei nach dem Wickeln) mandrel diamter 0.500 mm
Außendurchmesser mit Lack mm min. 0.524 - max. 0.544

(1) Due to the variety of individual applications we cannot make any generally binding commitments regarding the compatibility. We recommend testing compatibility with the materials being used.