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Winding wire

SHSold® V155

  • Solderable enamelled round cu.wire
  • Insulated with polyurethane
  • Class 155

SHSold® V155 is a self-fluxing enamelled copper wire of thermal performance class F. The most outstanding characteristic of this wire is the possibilty of having an efficient and safe contact of the wire ends by fast and easy solderability with a solder bath temperature from 390 °C upwards without prior mechanical removal of the insulation film. This type of enamelled copper wire fulfills the requirements of modern winding technology. In accordance with the manufacturer's instructions SHSold® V155 can be impregnated and cast with compounds. Chemical resistance to aggressive, liquid or gaseous mediums is limited, and therefore we recommend that you carry out compatibility tests before using this enamelled copper wire. SHSold® V155 can be easily welded and mechanically connected. Sophisticated process technology and process setting ensure easy mouldability, best elongation plus constant and good insulation characteristics of these wires.


Contactors, magnetic coils, relays, small motors, transformers


IEC /DIN EN 60317-20
UL approved

Delivery forms

Grade 1: 0.050 - 0.100 mm (> 0.100 mm on request)
Grade 2: on request

Technical data

Typical properties of enamelled round wire 0.160 mm, with insulation film grade 1

Outer diameter with varnish  Bare wire diameter  Elongation and adhesion  Scrape resistance  Pencil hardness of varnish  Elongation at break  Coefficient of friction 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value 
mm  min. 0.172 - max. 0.182 as set value
mm  0.157-0.163 as set value
  mandrel diameter: 0.160 mm 1 x d /10 % pre-elongation
/ /
  H 2H - 4H
≥ 22 ≥ 28
µ  / ≤ 0.140
Temperature index  Cut through temperature (pre-heated block)  Dielectric loss factor (bending point)  Heat shock at 175 °C (no cracks in varnish coat after winding)  Solderability at 390 °C 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value 
°C  155 160
°C  200 ≥ 220
(°C) (tan δ)  / ≥ 140
  mandrel diameter: 0.250 mm 1 x d /10 % pre-elongation
≤ 2 ≤ 1
Dielectric strength RT  High voltage discontiniuties 500V  Electrical conductivity 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value 
kV  ≥ 1.7 (twist) ≥ 2.5 (cylinder)
  ≤ 10 on 30 m ≤ 7 on 100 m
MS/m  58 - 59 ≥ 58.5
Pencil hardness (storage in standard solvent ½ h / 60 °C)  Pencil hardness (storage in alcohol ½ h / 60 °C)  Resistance to commercial impregnants^(1)  Resistance to commercial refrigerants^(1)  Resistance to dry transformer oils^(1)  Resistance to hydraulic oils^(1) 
Set value  Actual value 
min. H 2H - 4H
min. H H
/ yes
/ no
/ not recommended
/ no

(1) Due to the variety of individual applications we cannot make any generally binding commitments regarding the compatibility. We recommend testing compatibility with the materials being used.