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Winding wire

SHBond® WD210 Glide

  • Enamelled round copper wire, thermoresistant,
    selfbonding and self lubricating
  • Insulated with THEIC mod. polyesterimide
  • plus polyamide-imide overcoat plus bonding layer
  • Class 200

SHBond® WD210 Glide is a highly thermoresistant self-bonding enamelled copper wire of heat performance class N. With this wire the excellent resistance and insulation properties of SHTherm® 210 – Dualcoat are combined with the special application possibilities of an additional bonding layer which is based on mod. aromat. polyamide and which enables the production of heat bonded wire windings. Using this type of thermo-setting wire the heat bonding process is economic, as it can be executed within seconds and can support automatic processing. It is not harmful to the environment. Heat bonded windings show excellent thermal and mechanical stability and high resistance to climatic demands and many chemical agents. Sophisticated process technology and process setting ensure easy mouldability, good elongation and excellent insulation properties.

The final layer of varnish serves the purpose of providing a superior gliding surface, giving the wire excellent windability features at higher speeds, and enabling a higher filling factor plus reduced soiling of the winding machines. The reduced coefficient of friction helps to avoid damage to the wire during winding and thus maintains the insualtion properties of the wire.


Drives for household appliances, pole windings, wire wound coils, power tools


IEC / DIN EN 60317-38

Delivery forms

Grade 1: on request
Grade 2: on request

Technical data

Typical properties of enamelled round copper wire 0.500 mm, with insulation film grade 1B

Overall diameter  Bare wire diameter  Adhesion (no cracks in film after winding)  Scrape resistance  Pencil hardness  Elongation at break  Coefficient of friction 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value (typ.) 
mm  min. 0.541 - max. 0.568 as set value
mm  0.495-0.505 as set value
  mandrel diameter 0.500 mm 1 x d / 10 % pre-elongation
≥ 3.950 ≥ 7.500
  H 3H - 5H
≥ 28 ≥ 38
µ  / ≤ 0.110
Temperature index TI  Cut through temperature (pre-heated block)  Dielectric loss factor (bending point)  Heat shock at 220 °C (no cracks in varnish coat after winding)  Bonding temperature 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value (typ.) 
°C  200 210
°C  320 ≥ 360
(°C) (tan δ)  / ≥ 140/185/240
  mandrel diameter 1.120 mm 1 x d / 10 % pre-elongation
°C  200 +/-2 ≥ 210
Dielectrical strength at RT  High voltage discontiniuties 750V  Electrical conductivity 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value (typ.) 
kV  ≥ 2.4 (twist) ≥ 3 (cylinder)
  ≤ 10 on 30 m ≤ 7 on 100 m
MS/m  58 - 59 ≥ 58.5
Pencil hardness (storage in standard solvent ½ h / 60 °C)  Pencil hardness (storage in alcohol ½ h / 60 °C)  Resistance to commercial impregnants^(1)  Resistance to commercial refrigerants^(1)  Resistance to commercial dry transformer oils^(1)  Resistance to commercial hydraulic oils^(1) 
Set value  Actual value (typ.) 
test methods unsuitable /
test methods unsuitable /
/ not applicable
/ limited
/ not recommended
/ no

(1) Due to the variety of individual applications we cannot make any generally binding commitments regarding the compatibility. We recommend testing compatibility with the materials being used.