Innovative Klein- und Mikroantriebstechnik

SHWire part of expert conference IKMT

The 13th expert conference “Innovative Klein- und Mikroantriebstechnik IKMT” took place in Linz from 14 to 15 September 2022. The symposium, which this time had the motto “Innovative micro-drives make the world move”, was organized by the VDE/ VDI Association GMM in cooperation with the Energietechnische Gesellschaft ETG. The symposium focused on innovative electrical, electronic and mechatronic components and new tools for the design and simulation of interaction in mechatronic systems. The 13th symposium provided the more than 250 conference participants with an excellent overview of current product developments in the field of small and micro drive technology.

The IKMT is a specialist scientific conference on innovative micro-drives that has been established for decades, with a good third of the participants coming from industry. This means that it is a very renowned event in scientific circles, but one that is strongly aligned with actuality and industry trends, placing great emphasis on application-oriented research.

This describes very well the motivation why SHWire became a participant, lecturer and sponsor of a scientific conference for the first time. SHWire has been conducting intensive research and development for the important motor component winding wire for years.

Often it is about customer-related and customer-specific requirements and solutions that cannot be presented to the public without further ado. However, in order to be able to meet today's customer requirements, it is increasingly important to understand the basic interrelationships in the development and production of a wire with regard to materials as well as to processes. Material and process parameters must then be linked to today's important product properties of a wire via intensive and systematic tests. Developing this basic knowledge is an important concern for SHWire in order to be able to meet customer requirements as quickly as possible in the future by adapting the product and process parameters. It is only possible because we have understood the interactions and know how to vary the parameters in wire production in a targeted manner. SHWire is proud that our contribution was evaluated by a two-stage review process and found to be good, so that we could be part of this excellent event as a presenter. 

Even though it is a very essential component of the electrical insulation system and the motor, it has not yet been a matter of course that knowledge about winding wires is integrated into such a conference on drive technology. In addition to the honor for SHWire as an innovative and methodical company in the research and development sector, it also means that the wire is increasingly coming into focus in the optimization of electric drives.

SHWire is available for further challenges by providing consulting expertise, research and development know-how and laboratory capacities and will continue the innovative development we have started in order to provide our customers with the best possible customized solutions and to work on the trends of the future at an early stage.