For nature

SynFlex Group planting trees in the Lügde forest

On 2 December 2022, dedicated employees planted 780 oak trees under the supervision of the local forestry employee.

Background to the campaign is the reforestation of local forests in and around Lügde. Reforestation is of enormous importance. The planting of trees, or sowing of seeds, pursues the goal of reforestation. This is to restore areas that have disappeared, often due to bark beetle infestation or storm damage. 

It is important to us to contribute to a balanced flora and fauna. Reforestation reduces soil erosion, increases the groundwater table and promotes biodiversity. In addition, binding of CO2 is another decisive advantage of forests.

This year we are sending Christmas cards with tree seeds to our customers according to the motto "We donate, you plant!". We intend to encourage as many people as possible to contribute and actively plant trees.

We sincerely thank our employees who took part in the action in the snow drift of Lügde.