SHWire Kupferdraht blank

SHBare® & SHBare® Flat

Production range

Preferred round diameters:
0.70 mm; 0.90 mm; 1.20 mm; 1.80 mm; 2.40 mm and 4.50 mm.
Further diameters on request.

Preferred flat diameters:
2.50 - 100.00 mm2



Conductor requiring further insulation, copper bars for rotors in asynchronous motors


SHBare®, round or flat, is available as ETP, ETP1, OF or OF1. The quality is specified according to DIN EN 1977. The surface of the copper is treated to provide best possible compatibility with insulating materials, such as varnish, papers, foils or glas yarn.

The properties of the copper are ideal for the production of enamelled copper wires according to the IEC 60317-series. Specific requirements caused by further treatment of the wire or individual applications should be agreed upon.