High Quality eco-efficient Magnet Wire:
Alternative Technology to produce insulated wire for motor applications (HI-ECOWIRE)

SHWire is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and innovative winding wires for many applications such as automotive, regenerative energies, appliances, automation and enerhy generation and distribution. Winding wires are facing increasing demand and increasing property requirements.

SHWire has happily joined the HI-ECOWIRE project aiming at developing a more sustainable and competitive production process with two main technical objectives:

(i) Improve the energy performance and efficiency of electrical motors;
(ii) considerably reduce the consumption of solvents and VOC emissions.

The main overall target of this research activity is to develop a more environmental friendly product and process and thus reducing the CO2 footprint.

The project is based on an international consortium (SMEs, Industries, Research Centres and Universities) aiming at strengthening European competitiveness in the transport sector and energy production (wind turbine).

Starting from laboratory tests the project will optimize the new products and process and validate them at industrial scale.

Constant interactions with the industrial actors within and outside the consortium, based on strong dissemination activities, will be the key to success of the future technology transition.