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Winding wire

SHTherm® V180

  • Enamelled round cu. wire
  • Insulated with polyesterimide
  • Solderable
  • Class 180

"SHTherm® V180" is a thermo-resistant, self-fluxing enamelled copper wire of thermal performance class H which, at solder bath temperatures from 465 °C upwards, provides the possibility of contacting without prior removal of the insulation film. This coating shows good thermo-resistance and chemical compatibility with commercial impregnating agents, impregnating varnishes, extrusion-coating agents, sealing compounds, solvents and detergents. Sophisticated process technology and process setting ensure easy mouldability, very good elongation properties and low coefficients of friction as well as good and constant dielectric insulation properties of these wires.Thanks to this "SHTherm® V180" is ideally suited for processing on highspeed, sophisticated winding machines. Enamelled copper wires of this type can also be welded and mechanically connected.



Electric motors, transformers, repeating coils, magnetic coils, contactors, relays.


DIN EN 60317-23
IEC 60317 - 23
UL File No. E 75926 (M)

Delivery forms

Grade 1 : on request
Grade 2 : on request

Technical data

Typical properties of enamelled round copper wire 0.500 mm, with insulation film grade 1

Outer diameter with varnish  Bare wire diameter  Elongation and adhesion  Scrape resistance  Pencil hardness of varnish  Elongation at break  Coefficient of friction 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value 
mm  min. 0.524 - max. 0.544 as set value
mm  0.495-0.505 as set value
  mandrel diameter: 0.500 mm 1 x d /10 % pre-elongation
≥ 3.100 ≥ 6.000
  / 2H - 3H
≥ 28 ≥ 37
µ  / ≤ 0.140
Temperature index TI  Cut through temperature (pre-heated block)  Dielectric loss factor  Heat shock at 200  Solderability at 470 °C 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value 
  180 190
°C  265 ≥ 280
(°C)(tan δ)  - ≥150
°C  mandrel diameter: 1.120 mm 1 x d /10 % pre-elongation
≤ 3 sec ≤ 2 sec
Dielectric strength RT  High voltage discontiniuties 750V  Electrical conductivity 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value 
kV  ≥ 2,4 (twist) ≥ 3,0 (cylinder)
  ≤ 10 on 30 m ≤ 7 on 100 m
MS/m  58 - 59 ≥ 58.5
Pencil hardness (storage in standard solvent ½ h / 60 °C)  Pencil hardness (storage in alcohol ½ h / 60 °C)  Resistance to commercial impregnants^(1)  Resistance to commercial refrigerants^(1)  Resistance to dry transformer oils^(1)  Resistance to hydraulic oils^(1) 
Set value  Actual value 
min. H 2H
min. H 2H
/ yes
/ no
/ yes
/ no


(1) Due to the variety of individual applications we cannot make any generally binding commitments regarding the compatibility. We recommend testing compatibility with the materials being used.

Temperature index (TI) The temperature index is a dimensionless value and represents the long term thermal resistance or the admissible ageing temperature of the enamelled magnet wire in °C for an extrapolated life span of 20,000 h. The temperature index does not necessarily correspond to the thermal class.

Thermal class

Enamelled magnet wire according to IEC 60317-.. or DIN EN 60317-... are to be rated as Class X, if

(a) their long term thermal performance demonstrably proves an extrapolated life span of 20,000 h at an ageing temperature of min. X °C (tests preferably to be made on enamelled magnet wires with a nominal diameter of 1.00 mm Grade 2) and

(b) the heat shock resistance complies with temperatures of 25 or 20°C above the rated thermal class.