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SHTherm® 210 Flat Alu

  • Enamelled flat aluminium wire,  thermoresistant
  • insulated with THEIC mod. polyesterimide with polyamide-imide topcoat
  • Class 200

SHTherm® 210 Flat Alu is a highly thermoresistant rectangular enamelled aluminium wire of heat performance class N with a wide range of good to very good quality features. Its insulation film consists of 2 different coatings on top of one another. These ensure a very good permanent thermal and overload resistance, excellent resistance against mechanical stress, as well as an excellent resistance to chemical attacks of commercial washing and cleaning agents, impregnating varnishes and resins, sealing compounds, thinners, solvents and refrigerants, oils as well as their vapours. This range of excellent features make SHTherm® 210 Flat Alu an all-round wire meeting the requirements of all applications with above average requirements to processing and operational features or operational safety in electrical systems.


Generators, transformers


IEC / DIN EN 60317-73
UL approved

Delivery forms

Grade 1: on request
Grad 2: on request

Technical data

Typical properties of enamelled flat aluminium wire 5.60 x 3.55 mm, with insulation film grade 2

Bare wire width  Bare wire thickness  Width with varnish  Thickness with varnish  Varnish increase  Adhesion (no cracks in film after winding)  Bend over width  Bend over thickness  Elongation  Pencil hardness  Elongation at break 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value (typ.) 
mm  5.550-5.650 as set value
mm  3.500-3.600 as set value
mm  5.67 - 5.82 as set value
mm  3.62 - 3.77 as set value
μm  120 - 170 μm as set value
  mandrel diamter mandrel diameter
  4 x width 3 x width
  4 x thickness 3 x thickness
  15 % with cracks < 1 x width 32 % without cracks
  H 4H - 5H
≥ 15 ≥ 32
Temperature index TI  Heat shock at 220 °C (no cracks in varnish coat after winding)  Solderability 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value (typ.) 
°C  200 210
  mandrel diameter 6x thickness mandrel diameter 4 x thickness
  no no
Dielectrical strength at RT  High voltage discontiniuties test voltage 2,5 kV  Electrical conductivity 
Unit of measure Set value  Actual value (typ.) 
kV  ≥ 2.0 (ball pit) ≥ 3 (ball pit)
  / ≤ 7 on 100 m
MS/m  35.5 - 36.2 ≥ 35.85
Pencil hardness (storage in standard solvent ½ h / 60 °C)  Pencil hardness (storage in alcohol ½ h / 60 °C)  Resistance to commercial impregnants^(1)  Resistance to commercial refrigerants^(1)  Resistance to commercial dry transformer oils^(1)  Resistance to commercial hydraulic oils^(1) 
Set value  Actual value (typ.) 
min. H 3H-5H
min. H 3H-5H
/ yes
/ yes
/ yes
/ yes

(1) Due to the variety of individual applications we cannot make any generally binding commitments regarding the compatibility. We recommend testing compatibility with the materials being used.